Jean-Claude BLAISEL

Although having all the required qualities, nothing predisposed, a priori, Jean-Claude BLAISEL to become the appreciated artist we know today.

Coming from a modest working-class background, where the inculcated values ​​were based on work, he was born on March 6, 1947 in Colombes – Hauts-de-Seine, Elder of a family of 5 children, he follows his father’s advice and enters in the working world and becomes a “precision milling fitter”

This last term will take all its value a few years later.

In this very sporty family, art does not seem to be a priority. Self-taught, eager to know, he reads a lot, cultivates himself and discovers the painting he invests in and serves as therapy.

Very early on, he immersed himself in the history of art. His sensitivity is organic; even if he discovered a particular weakness for the impressionists, he was immersed in nature and landscapes. The harmony of shapes, colors, materials, the precision of the design and its richness command admiration.

Seasoned, diligent, thoughtful, he visits galleries, exhibitions and of course museums. He takes lessons and takes advice from the older ones.

Always on the move, in research, his travel diary close at hand, he photographs, sketches, caricatures before translating all this in his studio in BRUNOY.

Particularly passionate about the impressionists, bulimic, he knows how to combine entertainment, sports, culture, literature, music, photography, painting, watercolor…. he has many strings to his bow.

Over the years, the milling fitter has replaced his tools; he exchanged them with pencil, pen, brush, watercolor, acrylic…. the result is there, prodigious, extraordinary, bewitching.

This talent that has been dormant since childhood bursts, releases itself, bleeds; he heals, heals himself. His precise line recalls that of the engraver and the master glassmaker.

A lover of old stones and architecture, he sublimates his art through numerous exhibitions.

Charles and Sol’Ange NARBOUX

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